Dual vocational training

If you are pursuing a post-secondary degree in electronics, engineering, logistics, join us today!


What's in store for you?


  • You can try out and apply what you've learned in a company placement based on your theoretical training
  • During the summer internship, you will work alongside a mentor in different professional areas
  • We will sign a training contract with you, so you will receive a regular monthly allowance throughout your training
  • We provide continuous professional and personal development
  • Upon successful completion of the dual training, you will have the opportunity to join our team as a full-time employee!


What do we expect from you?

  • Commit to your studies and do your best
  • Stick to the terms of your employment contract
  • Be diligent and persistent, this will ensure your success in the future
  • Feel free to come up with your ideas and suggestions for solutions
  • Be a willing and active team player