Our mission

Mission of CSABAcast Ltd.

The main activity of CSABAcast Light Metal Casting Limited Liability Company is the production, surface treatment, processing and assembly of aluminium die castings. Our customers are mainly European, mostly German, car manufacturers and some automotive system suppliers, but we also supply aluminium components to a number of companies not operating in the automotive industry, among them Buderus GmbH, a member of the Bosch Group, and the Miele Group.


Customer focus

We focus on the individual needs of our customers, providing a service that is of impeccable quality and on time. Our work is driven by expertise, innovation, flexibility and rapid decision-making. We strive for joint problem solving and continuous improvement in production technology.


We work with motivated, high performing and honest colleagues. We expect initiative, independence, team spirit and responsible behaviour. We provide our employees with ongoing training and job retention.

Responsible corporate behaviour

We are committed to long-term thinking, so we believe that managing our resources and valuing our employees will strengthen our company in the long term. A significant part of the company's profits is channelled back into our investments, ensuring that production technology is developed and operates at maximum efficiency. We place particular emphasis on our responsibility towards our employees and society.
Mutual trust and respect

Working together requires trust and honest and open communication. We are creating a company driven by cooperation.