Aluminium die casting

Pressure die casting is a metal casting technology in which molten metal is injected into the split permanent metal mould (the mould cavity) within extra short time and at necessary high speed, where it is subjected to high pressure during solidification. In aluminium die casting, the metal is transferred into a precisely designed mould, allowing the production of very thin-walled castings using a special piston at high speed. With this manufacturing process, more complex aluminium parts are produced efficiently with increased productivity.

Our state-of-the-art machines have the capacity to produce thousands of castings per hour. We can produce even complex aluminium parts with high precision and superior surface quality.


Melting furnaces:

  • CSABAcast Ltd. has 4 melting furnaces (6 tons/3 tons, 4 tons/2 tons, 3 tons/1.5 tons, 2 tons/0.5 tons nominal capacity/hour

Melting capacity:

  • Gross 85 tonnes/day

Aluminium alloys used:

  • EN AC-46000 (AlSi9Cu3(Fe))
  • EN AC-47100 (AlSi12Cu1(Fe))
  • EN AC-43500 (AlSi10MnMg)


Casting technology

Casting machines:

  • CSABAcast Ltd. has 27 casting machines

Closing force range of casting machines:

  • 400 - 1,600 tonnes

Age of casting machines:

  • Öntőgépparkunk 2016 és 2020 között szinte teljesen megújult

Weight of our manufactured products:

  • 100g - 6.000g

We are expanding and constantly renewing our machinery. Our casting machines are operated in casting cells, which has the advantage that the personnel operating the machine can perform other tasks during the automatic casting process, spending more time on proper quality control.